¡¡Agriculture Bank of China (ABC)

Client's Challenge£º ABC is one of China's four major state-owned commercial banks supervised by the People's Bank of China. ABC employs approximately 800,000 people and has the largest countrywide network of any bank in China. In the early l990s£¬many of the bank's branches urgently required a network linking them to regional centers, which were established by the bank in large cities. Once this network was in place, the needs of the bank immediately changed£® After l998£¬competition among banks in provinces with open economic policies became fierce£¬The bank found it necessary to improve its client services in order to remain competitive.

PANSKY's Solution£º PANSKY provided solutions to both of the bank£§s challenges. Prior to 1998,PANSKY created a computer network linking the bank£§s branches across the country. The bank used main regional branches as database centers for either the entire market or for a province. The system that is created by PANSKY allowed the bank's database and processing centers to be centrally managed£¬along with the software support provided by PANSKY. PANSKY also customized the system to suit each branch's specific needs, allowing even understaffed branches to implement and utilize this system. Because of better management£¬many of the branches improved their competitiveness and increased their business£¬forming a stronger network for the bank.

After 1998£¬PANSKY assisted ABC in developing e-business capabilities to serve the bank's enterprise clients. With operations beginning in August 1999, PANSKY particularly implemented its Easybank system in the Nanhai branch in Guangdong province. The EasyBank system delivers services to the bank's clients either through the phone or over the Internet£¬offering clients greater convenience and flexibility as they can access their accounts from their offices. Services provided to ABC's clients include branch balance inquiry, branch account history inquiry£¬internal fund transfers, external settlements, loan repayment£¬transaction monitoring and electronic marketing. The system includes security measures as well as a user-friendly home page. The initial costs to ABC were low£¬and the system was tailored to its specific needs.

Since its implementation£¬the system has been well received as EasyBank has solved many of ABC's pressing client issues. The solutions that PANSKY provided to ABC allowed the bank to improve internal efficiency and management£¬as well as to serve its clients more effectively£®