¡¡China's Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Client's Challenge:

CEEIQ is China's national agency that inspects imports and exports of goods and animals and administers various types of quarantines. It has 35 sub-bureaus, 313 branches, and 285 offices across the country. CEEIQ's client server based systems had been running for over ten years and did not adequately connect all of its offices. Consequently£¬information exchange within CEEIQ was very cumbersome which failed to disseminate information to the public on a timely basis. Due to CEEIQ's inability to deliver the information in its very large database to the interested parties, businesses were hence not satisfied with the prolonged and unpredictable custom filing and application process.

PANSKY's Solution :

PANSKY developed the operating strategy and technology solution for resolving CEEIQ'S challenges. The solution comprised two parts and was delivered to the client in two stages. Phase one began in early l998 with an Enterprise Information System Platform. An internal communication among offices was established, hence internal information was integrated and web access to CEEIQ's information became available. In this system£¬information is centralized and managed to ensure completeness and to meet customers' needs. The system is also supported by Chinese character based indexing and search technology£®With a convenient authorization procedure£¬it also allows remote maintenance of information on the web to ensure the reliability and accuracy of information published.

The second part of PANSKY's solution involves establishing an online electronic application system£¬a business process system available on extranet and a customer service center. A company Promotion Center is being set up where certified companies will be able to post their business information on CEEIQ's site for marketing and e-commerce. This phase will be completed by the end of 2000.
The solution provided by PANSKY has resolved many of the challenges CEEIQ faces, which enables CEEIQ to further improve its internal efficiency and serve the public better.

The Ministry of Information Industry and the Ministry of Economy and Trade have complimented this project as one of the best "Government Online" projects.