Fujian Unicom

Client's Challenge:

Fujian Unicom, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom and also China's second largest telecom company£¬provides telephone and cellular communication services. Fujian Unicom had 400,000 subscribers at the end of 1999 and expects to have 600,000 subscribers by the end of 2000£®In order to compete with China Mobile, the market leader in wireless services in China£¬Fujian Unicom has to increase the number and the quality of its services to increase subscribers and market share.

PANSKY' Solution:

Realizing mobile communications is one of the fastest growing industry in China£¬PANSKY developed an e-phone GSM-based platform that can deliver a number of customized value-added-services (VAS), including short messages£¬stock quote, securities transactions, financial information£¬news£¬entertainment and weather forcast. Instead of waiting for customer initiation£¬PANSKY actively approached Fujian Unicom with its e-phone product£¬winning a contract to launch the "Fast Unicom Stock Quote" service in January 2000£®The service was a success with over 150,000 average daily hits in its first month of operation in April 2000£®This new value-added service has improved Fujian Unicom's image and enhanced its competitiveness. PANSKY is co-running the system with Fujian Unicom. Instead of pricing under the traditionsal fixed time/fixed price system, PANSKY will be compensated with 30% of the charges for services launched by Fujiann Unicom.

Extremely satisfied with the services provided by PANSKY£¬Fujian Unicom has engaged PANSKY to launch additional m-commerce initiatives with WAP technology£¬including news, airline schedules£¬weather forecast and mobile securities transactions.