Xiamen Local Tax Bureau£¨Tax Bureau£©

Client's Challenge:

The Xiamen Local Tax Bureau is responsible for collecting taxes in the second largest city in Fujian Province£¬one of the most prosperous and fast-growing provinces in China. In 1997£¬the Tax Bureau gave PANSKY the mandate to create a solution that would improve the tax audit and collection system.
At the time of engagement, tax forms in Xiamen were manually filled out and processed, customer inquiry was mixed with tax processing systems, the capacity of the Tsx Bureau's computer systems was limited£¬and the tax audit and collection systems were not integrated. The Tax Bureau needed not only an overhaul of its systems, but also a revamp of the way it provided services to the public and other agencies.

PANSKY's Solution:

PANSKY provided a solution that fundamentally changed the way the Tax Bureau conducted its internal administration as well as the way taxpayers can file their taxes. PANSKY designed a centralized collection and audit system with interfaces with other government agencies that enables the Tax Bureau to integrate its administration, processing, and auditory services. This system enhances the Tax Bureau's ability to detect tax violations and require tax administrators to strictly follow the laws and regulations on tax collection and audit. Furthermore, it also increases the efficiency of the Tax Bureau's services, and monitors the Tax Bureau's staff for performance appraisal. In addition, PANSKY designed an online tax filing system that reduces tax filing to minutes rather than hours which makes the latest government regulations easily available to individuals and customers. Easy access to latest government regulations also facilitates corporate business and tax planning.

PANSKY's solution is based upon a Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects relevant departments and offices under the Tax Bureau. The hub of this WAN is the Tax Bureau's main computer center where all data is stored and processed£®The system uses the sybase system 12 platform. PANSKY used the Sunscreen 110G to implement an Internet security system to prevent attacks from those accessing the Tax Bureau's service online.

Since the launch in 1998£¬the system created by PANSKY has experienced large transaction volume and PANSKY has upgraded and expanded the system significantly. Today£¬the Tax Bureau also has a telephone service center which is designed by PANSKY£®With customisation, the platform that PANSKY developed for the Tax Bureau has been successfully implemented by PANSKY as solutions for other local tax authorities.