Shenzhen Social Insurance Bureau(Insurance Bureau)

Client's Challenge:

The Shenzhen Social Insurance Bureau is the Shenzhen government agency that administers the city's insurance system. The system includes retirement, medical£¬casualty£¬unemployment and maternity insurance. A comprehensive insurance system was a mission critical project as the Insurance Bureau is responsible for implementing China's reform of its state owned economy£®The system covered over 2 million participants by the end of 1999£®To manage such a large and complex insurance system£¬the Insurance Bureau needed an efficient system that could not only automate office administration such as file management, indexing and searching£¬but also provide data management£¬application processing£¬insurance payment and collection and customer services.

PANSKY's Solution:

PANSKY started cooperation with the Insurance Bureau in l991£®By the end of 1999£¬PANSKY had helped the Insurance Bureau to build up a comprehensive Internet based information and business system. The Insurance Bureau's main computer center not only links the Insurance Bureau's branches and offices, but also banks and medical service providers such as designated medical institutions and factory clinics. The system includes data management and processing£¬insurance applications and payment£¬ decision support system£¬office automation and a customer self-service center.

The system has been implemented successfully£®Today£¬office processes are automated and data can be easily collected£¬exchanged and verified within the system. This improves administrative efficiency and public policy decision-making£®PANSKY's solution also links the Insurance Bureau, banks£¬and medical institutions together. These connections enable insurance payments and benefits to be easily collected and distributed electronically£®In addition£¬Internet websites and applications as well as a call center are also part of the system£¬which allow the Insurance Bureau and customers to interact with each other more efficiently.