Accounting Center of China Aviation (ACCA)

Client's Challenge:

ACCA specializes in providing a clearing/settlement system to the airline industry. Historically£¬ACCA had done all accounting by hand£®This system consumed a great deal of resources£¬time£¬and manpower. ACCA often missed deadlines and performed inaccurate calculations. This situation affected the ability of airline company and demanded its managers to make decisions and to plan ahead£® Moreover£¬unscrupulous travel agents were able to abuse the system£¬making it impossible for airlines to be certain of their revenue£¬working capital turnover£¬and profit figures. Today£¬the company's clients include over 50 domestic airlines£¬airports, aircraft fuel suppliers£¬air traffic control centers and 400 international airlines£¬including Singapore Airlines.

PANSKY's Solution:

PANSKY's goal was to create a solution that can predict the growing needs of the airline industry and the increase in adoption of ACCA's settlement system by domestic and international airlines and related parties. With anticipation and understanding of the industry's requirement, PANSKY analyzed ACCA's business model and process. Following this analysis£¬PANSKY designed and implemented new operating model, software£¬and database structure centrally located at ACCA. Individual clearing units, such as those dealing with airlines and fuel supply companies can independently access the system and utilize it to send information to the center. Once the clearing is completed£¬the center sends reports back to the units through the same system. This system has the capability to process l0 million clearing jobs per year. PANSKY provided considerable on-site training for ACCA, including education on the necessary resources to support the system and practice runs for disaster scenarios.

The solution provided by PANSKY was very effective in resolving ACCA's needs. In l995£¬after implementing PANSKY's system£¬ACCA won its first prize in a technology improvement competition within the airline industry£¬and came second in a nationwide competition. Through the use of PANSKY's own sales teams and sales channels£¬and in cooperation with ACCA£¬PANSKY has been successful in spreading the usage of this database system to other companies in the airline.