Value - Powerful Knowledge Base

Exceptional Solution Development Ability


Your need: rational consolidation of more individualized solutions and professional services
We provide: full range service and comprehensive solutions

  • We always build our strategic integrated solutions closely around your core business to meet your business needs.

  • We design and customize industry-specific integrated solutions based on business characteristics and informationization levels of different industries to satisfy your specific needs.

  • We are ready to offer specialized and localized delivery and integration services. Accordingly, based on your special choice or the third-party solutions recommended by us, we are in a better position to fulfill, deliver and achieve your strategic objectives.

Rich Service Experience


Your need: A mature, stable and reliable partner
We provide: experience drawn from ten-year service and over 500 customer base

  • We have provided solutions and services for over 500 significant customers in different sectors in China. Based on many years of completely localized practice and abundant experience, we attach great importance to and deeply understand your expectations, and take your expectations personally.

  • We have a team of experts specialized in different sectors. Equipped with many years of service and delivery experience, they have in-depth understanding of your business, as well as extraordinary ability to explore your potentials and to help you achieve the goals.

Well-developed Methodology


Your need: scientific and rigorous project management and quality control
We provide: methodology that complies with the specific circumstances in China and stands the test of practice

  • Our PanSKY-PM, simultaneously absorbs international advanced concepts and fully incorporates the characteristics of IT projects in China. It has proven ability to help you identify project objectives with better accuracy and ensure success.

  • We have established a compact and rigorous risk management and quality control system, the ISO-9001 compliant project management and quality control will help you avert all risks.

  • Our resources management system, completely based on specialized division of work and operating method, instantly integrates all kinds of effective resources and provides with full support.

Powerful Database


Your need: technical development in pace with international level and powerful database
We provide: powerful system that make best use of expertise and experiences

  • In such fields as strategic application and solution providing that we are engaged in, we have extensive and accumulated customer experience, which constitutes a solid ground for application prototype and structuring.

  • In our database of expertise and experiences, the rich resources are unconditionally shared. Aided by continuous updating and improvement of the expertise and experiences, it enables us to give advisable counsel and make progress hand in hand with you.

  • We have a global expertise synchronization and sharing system, derived from our international capital structure, advanced cooperative alliance practice management, open and innovative corporate culture, which enables us to help you broaden the horizon and make further advance.