Honglang Liao

Mr. Liao Honglang was appointed as the CEO of PANSKY Technology Corporation in January 2015. Before he joined PANSKY, Mr. Liao Honglang had been the Vice President of Beijing Zhong Hua Ying Hua Technology Co. Ltd.,had worked as sales director of information security products in Samgsung SECUi.COM Beijing Branch and had worked as the Vice President of Government Division in Taiji Computer Co. Ltd.,in charge of industry application software, system integration, security integration. Mr. Liao Honglang has extremely rich working experience in IT industry.

Graduated from the Computer Department of Beijing Institute of Technology in 1991, Mr. Liao Honglang was awarded a master¨s degree. With more than 20 years working background, Mr. Liao Honglang has deep understanding and rich experience in Information Security Product Research & Sales, and Security Integration projects.

Yongzhong Ye

As Vice President of PANSKY Technology Corporation, Mr. Ye Yongzhong is in charge of sales and management of Government and Public Service Business.

Mr. Ye Yongzhong joined PANSKY in 1999, and has served as Department Manager and Sales Director with more than 10 years sales and management experience in Government Business field.

Yong Liu

Mr. Liu Yong serves as Vice President of PANSKY Technology Corporation. He is in charge of sales and management in Financial Business, and business development of Commerce and Channel Management Departments.

Mr. Liu Yong has worked for PANSKY since January 2015. Before he officially joined PANSKY, Mr. Liu Yong had been in charge of sales and marketing management in famous manufactures such as HP, ORALCE, HDS.  With years of experience in IT products and Industry Customer Sales, Mr. Liu Yong is familiar with Chinese IT industry demand for IT technology and service.