Zhengzhou achieved on-line management on real estate taxation integration (2009-08-30)
Shaanxi Social Security renewed promotion and maintenance contract with PANSKY (2009-08-27)
PANSKY helps Zhengzhou Local Taxation Bureau to upgrade on-line service system (2009-08-26)
PANSKY won CNOOC MA bid (2009-08-25)
PANSKY application and product solution seminar held in Changbai Mountain (2009-08-25)
PANSKY has Changjiang Commercial Bank as its new client (2009-08-24)
Tianjin Coca-Cola signed backup software maintenance contract with PANSKY (2009-08-23)
Taicang Rural Commercial Bank front-end system maintenance contract signed (2009-08-22)
PANSKY won Shenzhen Taxation Bureau call center bid (2009-08-21)
PANSKY provides CRI with maintenance and technical support service (2009-08-20)
PANSKY Technical Journal Issue 4 available at:长天技术月刊/ (2009-08-20)
PANSKY board meeting held in Beijing (2009-08-20)
Henan Local Taxation Bureau signed portal and business function development contract with PANSKY (2009-08-19)
Dalian CCB signed software development contract with PANSKY (2009-08-18)
System Integration Grade1 Certification renew made big progress (2009-07-29)
CEO Mr. Liu Yang received interview from Market Bridge (2009-07-28)
PANSKY signs medical insurance system development contract with KaiPing Social Security Bureau (2009-07-28)
PANSKY passed ISO9000 review (2009-07-27)
PANSKY helps Zhengzhou Social Security Bureau to develop endowment insurance system (2009-07-27)
PANSKY Q2 meeting held in Beijingnd issue (2009-07-26)
Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau to strengthen taxation management with help of PANSKY (2009-07-26)
PANSKY provides GDB with OA system maintenance service (2009-07-25)
Hunan Tobacco contract signed (2009-07-24)
PANSKY helps CCB Tianjin to improve its ODSB platform (2009-07-23)
PANSKY helps Shaanxi Social Security with development and promotion of medical insurance (2009-07-22)
PANSKY to develop social security software for Water & Electric Corp. Bureau 3 (2009-07-21)
PANSKY Technical Journal Issue 3 available (2009-07-20)
PANSKY helps CCB Tianjin to migrate historical data (2009-07-20)
YangLing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau signed contract with PANSKY (2009-07-19)
PANSKY provides Taikang Life with MIMIX maintenance service (2009-07-18)
PANSKY technical journal second issue (2009-06-25)
Post 11185 upgrade project phase 1 passed acceptance (2009-06-24)
Orient Home rewards PANSKY new contracte contract with PANSKY (2009-06-20)
Guangdong CCB signed outsourcing framework agreement with PANSKY (2009-06-20)
Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau web site entered top 8 in last 3 years (2009-06-20)
PANSKY 3rd Games successfully held in Cheng De (2009-06-20)
New software development business from CCB (2009-06-18)
PANSKY helps CCB Tianjin (2009-06-18)
Agricultural Development Bank Of China back-up system (2009-06-18)
Ministry of Finance signed new maintenance contract with PANSKY (2009-06-18)
PANSKY won Chaoyang Archives information inquiry and storage upgrade bid (2009-06-15)
PANSKY helps Taicang Rural Commercial Bank again (2009-06-15)
Pacific Insurance renewed Maintenance agreement with PANSKY (2009-06-12)
PANSKY signed more Compellent contract (2009-06-08)
PANSKY achieved the preference of CNOOC (2009-06-03)
PANSKY technical journal (2009-05-25)
Hebei State Taxation expansion (2009-05-21)
PANSKY helps CITIC Bank (2009-05-21)
PANSKY provides Chongqing Gas Group with maintenance services (2009-05-18)
Zhengzhou Citizen endowment insurance experience will enter reference book list for Central Party academy (2009-05-15)
Tengzhou seeks assistance from PANSKY (2009-05-08)
Chongqing Post agent business upgrade (2009-05-08)
State Food and Drug Administration renewed services contract with PANSKY (2009-05-05)
PANSKY Q1 meeting held in Beijing (2009-04-24)
PANSKY to provide Xinjiang CCB with software development services (2009-04-20)
Zhengzhou regional taxation application services contract (2009-04-20)
PANSKY has Sinopec as its new client (2009-04-09)
PANSKY maintains IT system for Chongqing Social Security Bureau (2009-03-31)
Taicang ACB agency business application development (2009-03-31)
PANSKY to do maintenance service for SAFE (2009-03-19)
PANSKY serves Gansu Post (2009-03-17)
New name contract with AVIVA-COFCO Life (2009-03-13)
More business from Orient Home (2009-03-12)
PANSKY helps Taicang Agricultural Commercial Bank to set up disaster recovery centre (2009-03-10)
ACCA tape library project (2009-03-09)
Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau signed contract with PANSKY for more application development (2009-03-09)
Ministry of Finance Payment system expansion (2009-03-05)
PANSKY supports Jiangmen Social Security(2009-03-04)
PANSKY serves Shanxi Electric Power Corp. (2009-02-28)
PANSKY signed MIMIX services contract with Zhongshan(2009-02-27)
China Post Logistic renewed rental contract with PANSKY(2009-02-26)
PANSKY supports Shenzhen Social Security Bureau(2009-02-25)
Shandong Post Corp. Maintenance contract signed(2009-02-24)
Ministry of Health Party secretary visited SFDA on 24th Feb., 2009 (2009-02-24)
Gansu Post rewarded PANSKY new contract(2009-02-23)
One faith – PANSKY 2009 kick-off 2009-2-20 (2009-02-20)
Praise from General State Taxation Bureau (2009-01-18)
CCB Hainan signed contract with Pansky to promote its ACE platform (2009-01-18)
Guangdong Development Bank renewed maintenance contract with Pansky (2009-01-18)
Pansky continues to maintain dedicated network for SFDA (2009-01-18)
Pansky being rewarded more business by Xiamen Tax (2009-01-18)
Pansky Group work conference successfully held in San Ya (2009-01-15)
Pansky serves Bank Of Jilin (2008-12-30)
Tianjin State Taxation Bureau reward Pansky several contracts (2008-12-30)
Pansky works together with Beijing Agricultural Commercial Bank (2008-12-30)
Pansky carries on serving Zhengzhou Local Taxation Bureau (2008-12-30)
First step for partnering Compellent (2008-12-22)
New contract from Chengdu Local Taxation (2008-12-20)
Pansky Group Sales conference held in Beijing (2008-12-19)
Chongqing Post application development (2008-12-18)
CCB Xinjiang signed services contract with Pansky (2008-12-15)
Taicang Rural Commercial Bank Provision Contract (2008-12-05)
2008 Compellent storage user conference held successfully (2008-12-04)
Pansky co-operates with Shenzhen Stock Exchange (2008-11-20)
Pansky call centre serves Zhenzhen State Taxation (2008-11-20)
Pansky signed contract with Taikang Life insurance and Zhongshan SS (2008-11-17)
Pansky being rewarded more business by Xiamen Tax (2008-11-15)
Shenzhen SS has signed MIMIX maintenance contract (2008-11-10)
Pansky is helping Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank (2008-11-05)
Qingdao State Taxation maintenance contract renewed (2008-11-05)
Pansky is to help ACCA for DRP development (2008-10-31)
Pansky keeps on expanding IT services business (2008-10-30)
Pansky maintain software for Jilin CCB (2008-10-30)
Guangdong Development Bank Macao branch seeks help from Pansky (2008-10-29)
Shan’xi SS new contract (2008-10-28)
Panksy signed consultant services contract with Taicang Rural Commercial Bank (2008-10-27)
Pansky Group 2008 operation safety and financial services solution seminar held successfully (2008-09-30)
Pacific Insurance expanded IT service contract with Pansky (2008-09-26)
China Post 11185 purchases CRS platform from Pansky (2008-09-25)
Pansky to serve customer in Inner-Mongolia (2008-09-24)
Pansky procure equipment for Beijing sport administration (2008-09-23)
Pansky beaten competitors to win the People’s Bank of China mail system maintenance and services bid (2008-09-22)
Taicang agriculture commercial bank signed provision contract with Pansky (2008-09-21)
Orient Home AS400 system maintenance contract (2008-09-20)
Pansky helps State foreign currency administration (2008-09-04)
Pansky signed contract with Jiangmen SS (2008-09-03)
Pansky explores IT market in Jiangxi province (2008-09-02)
Pansky serve Agriculture Bank of China Zhejiang branch (2008-09-01)
Xiamen Local Taxation Web new version contract signed with Pansky (2008-08-31)
SFDA renewed MA from Pansky (2008-08-30)
Pansky provide consult for Shanghai Post Science Academy (2008-08-29)
Pansky signed contract to maintain IT system for Ministry of Finance (2008-08-28)
Chongqing Post 11185 into production (2008-07-30)
Pansky will develop application for Tianjin CCB (2008-07-28)
Pansky signed contract with Hunan Tobacco (2008-07-25)
Pansky UAAP landed on Chengdu (2008-07-24)
Pansky together with Tianjin Unicom to support 2008 Beijing Olympic (2008-07-23)
Pansky signed maintenance service contract with Henan Taxation Bureau (2008-07-22)
Hebei state taxation bureau seeks help from Pansky (2008-07-21)
Pansky helps Shanxi province taxation (2008-07-20)
Guangdo Develop Bank sign contract with Pansky (2008-07-19)
Pansky to maintain IT system for Pacific Insurance (2008-07-15)
Pansky renewed ISO 9000 certificates (2008-07-10)
New Post, New Development – Pansky helps China Post with 11185 (2008-07-07)
Pansky 2nd Game successfully hold in Zhengzhou (2008-07-04)
4 Pansky employees have been nominated as New technology and Economy Model Employee by Beijing Municipal Government (2008-07-03)
Pansky serves Guangzhou Railways (2008-07-02)
Pansky works with China Agriculture Development Bank (2008-07-01)
Pansky signed new contract with China Radio International (2008-07-01)
Pansky signed IT outsourcing contact with Shenzhen Ping An Bank (2008-06-30)
Pansky keeps on working for Jiangsu Rural Trust Bank (2008-06-29)
Coka-Cola Tianjin signed maintenance contract with Pansky (2008-06-28)
China Merchants Bank seeks help from Pansky (2008-06-28)
Pansky rewaorded software maintenance contract (2008-05-28)
Pansky cooperates with Taikang Life Insurance (2008-05-27)
Pansky won application development contract in Zhengzhou local regional taxation bureau (2008-05-29)
Zibo State Taxation Bureau has signed contract with Pansky (2008-05-26)
Pansky helps Xiamen regional taxation again (2008-05-28)
Pansky to support ACCA IT (2008-05-28)
Xi'an Health Insurance Fund Management Centre has signed contract with Pansky (2008-05-28)
Pansky signed development project with Chongqing Post (2008-05-26)
Pansky Group successfully hold “Business continuity and Disaster tolerance Seminar 2008” (2008-05-10)
Pansky Co-operates with China Post Logistics (2008-05-10)
State Foreign Currency Administration Purchases sevice from Pansky (2008-05-08)
Pansky continuously work together with Zhengzhou Regional Taxation(2008-05-07)
Pansky serves Coca cola Tianjin for its IBM software(2008-05-06)
Sinopec Signed tape storage maintenance contract(2008-05-04)
Pansky gets spare parts procurement and services contract from Tangshan State Taxation(2008-05-04)
Pansky rewarded application development contract from Xianyang Social Security for one of its core application platform - healthcare insurance information management(2008-05-03)
PANSKY signed IT equipment provision and integration services contract with China Pacific Insurance Corp (2008-03-30)
PANSKY banking solutions are getting popular (2008-03-29)
PANSKY optimizes comprehensive services platform for Gansu post (2008-03-28)
PANSKY save-guards for State Food and Drug Administration intranet (2008-03-27)
PANSKY cooperates with Guangdong Development Bank in “One Account Through” project (2008-03-26)
PANSKY to serve Tonghua Credit Union (2008-03-25)
Pansky year 2008 kick-off meeting was hold in Jinma Hotel, Beijing (2008-02-02)
Panksy 2008 annual meeting in Thailand (2008-02-01)
Pansky signed expansion contract with Shandong Post (2008-01-31)
Pansky will deploy UAAP at more CCB branches (2008-01-10)
Pansky helps Henan Taxation to implement taxation assessment system (2008-01-05)
Pansky responsible for Zhengzhou Taxation data exchange platform phase II (2008-01-01)
Pansky support Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu and Haikou state taxation bureau (2007-12-31)
Pansky signed software development contract with Jiangsu Credit Union (2007-12-30)
Pansky won new name contract in Taikong life insurance (2007-12-29)
Pansky Partnering with HITACHI in China IT market (2007-12-28)
Pansky won the bid in Peoples Bank of China project (2007-12-05)
Pansky serves Tianjin municipal government (2007-12-01)
Pansky continue to help Chengdu regional taxation (2007-11-30)
Pansky continue to co-operation with China Merchants Bank (2007-11-29)
Shenzhen state taxation 12366 system maintenance contract signed (2007-11-28)
Pansky signed services contract with Capital Information (2007-11-28)
Pansky signed networking contract with Tonghua Urban Credit Union (2007-11-20)
Pansky signed BCIA T3 flight information system disaster back-up (2007-10-30)
The progress in SFDA (2007-10-29)
Pansky win CCB Tianjin contracts again (2007-10-28)
Pansky serves Beijing 2008 Olympic (2007-10-27)
Pansky helps telecommunication giant (2007-10-26)
CCB started deploying UAAP (2007-10-25)
Pansky science and technology committee founded (2007-10-08)
Pansky fully supports CCB stock exchange system phase III (2007-09-30)
CCB partnering with Pansky for its Electronic Channel Authentication platform (2007-09-29)
More services deal in Hubei Taxation Bureau (2007-09-20)
Pansky won the bid in Zhengzhou Local Taxation bureau (2007-09-15)
Pansky signed two Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau contract (2007-09-10)
Pansky win new name in Taxation area (2007-09-05)
Guangxi National Taxation Bureau partnering wth Pansky (2007-09-05)
Pansky helps Bank of China Xinjiang (2007-09-05)
CCB UAAP Phase II successfully accepted, Pansky participated in Phase III project (2007-08-27)
Pansky co-operates with Jinan SS again (2007-08-22)
SFDA ensured quality IT professional services by choosing Pansky (2007-08-20)
Pansky helps Jiangxi rural credit cooperative union to realize computerization (2007-08-25)
Pansky turned profitable in 2007 H1 (2007-08-10)
Xiamen Regional Taxation Website Rated No.2 among nationwide provincial taxation websites (2007-08-05)
Pansky Participated Kodak Document Image division tour show (2007-07-28)
Henan Regional Taxation Bureau signed maintenance contract with Pansky (2007-07-20)
Pacific Insurance signed provision contract with Pansky (2007-07-20)
Pansky signed framework agreement with Jiangsu Agriculture Trust for its middle transactions (2007-07-20)
Pansky wins CITIC Bank bid (2007-07-20)
Pansky rewarded maintenance contract extension from Inner Mongolia China Netcom (2007-07-20)
Pansky signed AS/400 host monitoring services contract (2007-07-20)
Pansky wins new client – State foreign Currency Administration signed IT services contracts (2007-07-10)
Guangdong Development Bank Maintenance contract renewal (2007-06-18)
Pansky shoulder by shoulder with Xiamen Local Taxation again(2007-06-18)
Jiangmen SS signs application development contract with Pansky for additional modules(2007-06-15)
State Food and Drug Administration visit Pansky(2007-06-12)
Pansky named Lakeview year 2006 best market partner (2007-04-29)
Pansky in the 7th Taxation Computerization Exhibition and Seminar (2007-04-19)
Pansky signed contract with CCB-TianJin to upgrade the dual host mainframe system (2007-3-20)
Pansky signed contract with Zhengzhou Local Taxation Bureau (2007-3-15)
Pansky won Xiamen Local Taxation Bureau Project (2007-3-8)
panSKY Technology Group 2007 kick-off meeting held in Beijing (2007-02-10)
panSKY Technology Group held 2007 planning conference in Wuyi Mountain (2007-01-18)
panSKY awarded China Agricultural Development Bank Data Center On-line storage Project (2006-12-20)
panSKY signed contract with Beijing Economic Information Center (2006-12-20)
panSKY cooperates with China Construction Bank (2006-12-10)
Pansky Technology Group's Beijing Headquarters Relocated (2006-10-08)
Zhuhai Silver Net's Content Management Service Ready to Launch(2006-9-5)
Signed China Orienwise Group's IT Architecture ConsultingContract (2006-8-10)
Pansky Won an “Innovation Award”  by GFDF ( 2006-7-29 )
PanSky Won Shaanxi "Golden Social Security "Project( 2006-6-30 )
PanSky Group 2006 Annual Meeting Held in Beijing(2006-3-1)
Sales Club of 2006 Held in Hainan(2006-01-20)
PanSky Acquires Lenovo-AsiaInfo’s e-Government Business(2005-12-01)
PanSky Awarded the Certificate of First Grade Qualification of System Integration(2005-10-28)
CEEF 2005 “Best Electronic Finance Solution” Prize Awarded to Pansky (2005-7-15)
Pansky Helps CCB Online Banking System Security (2005-6-22)
Pansky moves to New Office at Kerry Center (2005-4-5)
PANSKY Internal Restructure for Better Future (2005-2-5)
PANSKY was Awarded National Top IT Security Service Certificate (2005-1-31)